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...Shine Dark Light... [Angelic Dreams LJ Ver.]

22 January 1981

Full-time manga- and animefan since 1993 and now also working in this field.

2003-2007 - presenting the manga and anime-themed radioshow Japanimánia
2005-2006 - articles for some magazines and some special occasions, among them for Szaku
2007- journalist and editor of Mondo
2007- translator of manga/manhwa/fumetti:
     2007. Tarot Café
     2007. Vampire Hunter D
     2007. Peppermint
     2008. Dampyr (Vol.5)
     2008. Princess Ai - Rumors...
     2008. Hollow Fields
     2008. Demon Diary
     2008. The Bride of the Water God
     2008. Dominion Tank Police
     2008. L'Etoile Solitaire
     2009. Princess Ai - Prism-trilogy
     2009. You're So Cool
     2009. Daten no Tsuki
     2009. Chrno Crusade (Vol.1)
     2009. Hellsing (Part of Vol.4)
     2010. Croquis
     2010. Hetalia (editing)
     2010. Sakoku Renai
Otherwise a rotten BL-fanatic, who likes yuri as well, and a huge admirer of the 70ies shoujo, especially the 24nen-gumi, also a seiyuu- and drama CD-fan. Likes to spread around classic manga so that they get more attention and appreciation.

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For the love of Terra e... and Takemiya Keiko I've created my first and probably last community.
Terra e... LJ community